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A big roadblock to posting on social media for businesses and organizations is the fear of being boring. Truth is, what's boring is nothing, and we mean that in two very different ways.

Nothing is too boring can be thought of as, "there isn't anything you post that can be too boring." I know that sounds crazy, but some of the most engaging posts we've made have been really, really boring.

When we post to our personal social media accounts we tend to post exciting things we want to share with our friends, family, and followers. Vacations, anniversary parties, fancy dinners and prom all come to mind, however, creating engagement on a business social media account is very different. If we only post events and activities we miss a huge part of the story of IIN. We need to fill in the days between with personal stories, successes and setbacks. These in-between stories create authentic content that engages our followers.

What seems boring or mundane to you may not be to other people. Can you read minds? Sure you can't. So remember, if you can't read minds you can't predict what will be boring or interesting.

Now here's another way to think about, "nothing is too boring."

What's boring for sure is the post you didn't share. In other words, the one time you can be absolutely sure of what will be boring is when you post nothing at all.

So, put this in your mind. NOTHING is TOO boring.

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