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Invest in your future workforce pipeline.

This summer, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry and Iowa Business Council is partnering with the Iowa Intermediary Network to offer you a unique avenue to shape and develop your future workforce pipeline. We are looking for organizations to give educators an insightful perspective and experience in your workplace that they can take back to their classroom.


Educators-in-the-Workplace is a paid 40-hour professional work experience opportunity (1-week). Educators gain direct knowledge and experience on-site at an area business or industry that they can take back to their classrooms. They see first-hand what’s needed to succeed in that industry or career path.


Hosting businesses will provide a stipend of $1,000 to sponsor an educator in their place of business. 

What’s the advantage for you
and your business?

K-12 educators participating in these experiences better understand current and future workforce trends and what job-seeking skills are needed. By engaging in real-life applications of what they teach, educators can better develop activities and curriculum for the classroom that reflects today’s world of work. Your participation gives educators valuable exposure to diverse workplaces and a chance to meet industry leaders. That means as a business hosting an educator, you directly contribute to a better-prepared workforce and enhance your talent pipeline. 


Your business forms a partnership with participating educators and creates a path for positive public relations. Educators will share their workplace experiences and knowledge gained with their students, peers, and colleagues, who, in turn, will share what they hear and learn. The impact your business can have by hosting one educator in your work environment can be far-reaching and multiply throughout a broader community. 




  • A unique platform for community involvement.

  • An opportunity to grow awareness for your business. You share valuable expertise with educators and their students. They will share the experience with others and promote the positive aspects of your company culture.

  • A better understanding of the demands and challenges of preparing your future workforce.

  • A connection with the community through the school to build on, leading to additional opportunities.

Get started!

CLICK HERE and send us your details or use the "Find Your Coordinator"  tool to reach out to the Iowa Intermediary Network coordinator in your area with your questions.

Ensure success!

Use this business checklist as a guide for success when preparing as the host of an Educator-in-the-Workplace experience!


Setting up the Experience


  • Connect with your Intermediary for any questions or concerns about the experience.

  • Provide a brief description of the company, as well as job duties that will be performed by the educator prior to the experience.

  • Get business-wide backing! For this to be successful it is important that everyone within the business is aware of the experience and understands the learning and potential outcomes from it.

  • Determine if the educator will need to go through the business new employee orientation and/or safety training.

  • Determine dates and times of the experience.

  • Complete all course liability/MOU/waiver forms.

  • Provide the educator with important details: work hours, dress code, PPE, lunch plans, etc.

  • Compile a shortlist of resources the educator should familiarize themselves with before starting the experience.


During the Experience

  • Delegate duties! Make sure you have real work lined up for them to do, to meet your company’s goals and objectives.

  • Have space ready for each educator completing an experience.

  • Provide necessary equipment and resources for them to do the job.

  • Identify mentor(s) for the educator while in the experience.

  • Think beyond the educator’s classroom (needs) and keep in mind others within that district that could benefit from the connections and resources from the experience.


Business Follow-up

  • Let your community know! Use press releases to local media, posts on social media, and any other communication tools you have at your disposal to get the word out about your involvement.

  • Share internally! Don’t forget to let your employees know who was involved and any positive outcomes or comments received from the opportunity.

  • If you’d like other opportunities to get involved with work-based learning experiences, reach out to the Iowa Intermediary Network. As a single source of contact for employers and educators, IIN coordinators are instrumental in building or plugging you into innovative work-based learning experiences.


EDUCATOR EXPERIENCES: Cameron Hertzler took part in the SE Iowa Teacher Educator in the Workplace Program where he spent a week at Carl A. Nelson Company and a week at Sterzing Food Company. Cameron teaches 8th-12th grade math in the Danville Community School District. As a result, Cameron took what he learned about math in construction and business back to his classroom, bringing real world experiences to students and answering the age-old question of “When will I use this again?” for his students.

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