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Connecting with Officers


Connecting with Officers

Treye Teske

Most of us don't have experience on the other side of law enforcement. If we're fortunate, our experience is nothing more than the annoyance of a traffic ticket. BCLUW student Treye Teske had an opportunity to learn first-hand what it's like to prepare for a career in law enforcement and experience the challenges of fulfilling the demands of being an officer.

Treye attended the High School Law Enforcement Academy, where students learn about various law enforcement careers. At the Law Academy, the Marshalltown Police Department and the Marshall County Sheriff's Office offer five sessions, held on one day each month. Sessions include the K-9 unit, SWAT, Correctional Officers, the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force, Crime Scene investigation, and the Crisis Negotiation team. Additional information about driving impaired was also part of the day.

Later, Treye had the opportunity to experience a ride-along with Marshalltown Lt. Keil Stevenson.

The student opportunities resulted from meetings between Terri Hungerford, a work-based learning intermediary with the Iowa Valley Community College, the Marshalltown Police Chief, and the Marshall County Sheriff.  Teri had heard from many students interested in law enforcement careers. Marshalltown’s Chief of Police was interested in having a high school academy mirroring the adult citizens academy. The three put together the experience Treye and many students have learned from.

The interactions between the law enforcement officers and students from the eight school districts the program serves have helped presenters and students alike. Officers are connecting with young people who could one day be their co-workers and they also gain an understanding of today's students. The students are not only learning about potential careers, but they're also learning how important it is to make life choices that keep all their aspirations and career options open.


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