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Contacting your area intermediary coordinator is a great way for parents to help students enjoy a great future, for students to explore the world of career awareness and workplace readiness, for businesses interested in sharing opportunities in their industry, and for educators who want to enhance classroom instruction with future careers.

  • Des Moines Area Community College
    Community College: Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Whitney Riggs Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Career Discovery Network 515-965-7117 Email Me Jill Hoeck Work-Based Learning Navigator Office: 515-964-6829​ Email Me DMACC’s Career Discovery Network is a program open to all K-12 students and educators in AEA Region 11/Heartland AEA. It is designed to link education to business by providing students with opportunities to explore various career options through Work-Based Learning Activities that enhance the career exploration process. We offer approximately 20 Career Discovery Days throughout each year that allow students to explore Career Pathways by learning about DMACC’s programs and also touring businesses. We also provide Small Group Job Shadow Days hosted by businesses, which allow students the opportunity to meet professionals and dive deeper into employment opportunities at specific businesses. Other programming we are involved with includes Teaching for the Workforce Conferences for Educators, a STEM Festival for elementary students, and other individualized offerings as requested by either the school or business partner.
  • Eastern Iowa Community College
    College Name: Eastern Iowa Community Colleges View Website Facebook Page Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Erica Ewert Intermediary Work-Based Learning and Activities Coordinator 563-336-3311 Email Me We work to EMPOWER middle and high school young people by helping them better understand themselves and the world of work, provide opportunities for them to EXPLORE career options, and ENGAGE young people and adults with local business and industry in order to provide real-world and hands-on experiences that inspire academic and career success. Strong partnerships with our regional Sector Boards, Chambers of Commerce, and businesses have enabled us to expand our network to nearly 1,000 members representing all sectors and sizes. We are a bi-state intermediary network created through a partnership with The Moline Foundation and the Career Cruising Network, and supported by State of Iowa Intermediary Network funds, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, and United Way of the Quad Cities.
  • Hawkeye Community College/Cedar Valley West
    Hawkeye Community College/Cedar Valley West View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Erin Swancutt 319-296-2320 x2022 Email Me Kelly Kobliska 319-296-2320 x1024 Email Me Stacy Ascher 319-239-2864 Email Me Cedar Valley Career Connections prepares students and educators to make informed educational and career decisions by connecting schools and businesses through relevant work-based learning activities including worksite tours, classroom speakers, job shadows, and internships.
  • Iowa Central Community College
    Community College: Iowa Central Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Megan Kruse Work-Based Learning Coordinator 515-574-1076 Email Me Colleen Bartlett Career Academy Specialist 515-574-1974 Email Me Career Connections works with each of the 20 school districts in the Iowa Central region based on the needs of the school. Some of the activities we have helped to coordinate are job shadows, classroom guest room speakers, business & industry tours, personality testing and financial literacy instruction. Most recently, we have focused in on Career Discovery Days wherein we highlighted a Career Pathway and interested students were exposed to activities related to that pathway. Business professionals and college instructors networked with the students throughout the day to give them an interactive hands-on day to explore the pathway.
  • Indian Hills Community College
    College: Indian Hills Community College View website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Nathan Miller Work-Based Learning Coordinator 641-683-5309 Email Me “Get Connected!” is a work-based learning initiative designed to maximize workforce opportunities for area students. This collaborative effort relies on the partnerships between local school districts, businesses, industries and Indian Hills Community College. We connect students and educators from Area 15 school districts in Appanoose, Davis, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lucas, Mahaska, Monroe, Van Buren, Wapello, and Wayne counties in Southeast Iowa looking for career information with area business professionals who are interested in preparing our region's future employees.
  • Iowa Lakes Community College
    Community College- Iowa Lakes Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator: Autumn Larsen 712-362-6838 Email Me Specialized Work-Based Learning Coordinator: Jaclyn Leuer 712-852-5221 Email Me Iowa Lakes Community College provides work-based learning opportunities to high school students through business partnerships. Classroom speakers and panels, workplace tours, mock interviews, and career panels are part of the programming. Connect @ Iowa Lakes coordinates over 600 job shadows each school year. Program events include: Iowa Lakes Career Exploration Days, Career Day, Healthcare Exploration Day, Aviation Festival, and the Game of Life Financial Literacy event.
  • Iowa Valley Community College
    Community College: Iowa Valley Community College Visit Website Facebook Page Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Terri Hungerford Iowa Valley Intermediary Coordinator 641-844-5627 Email Me Jessica Lara Iowa Valley Intermediary Coordinator/Pathway Navigator Ellsworth Community College 1100 College Avenue Iowa Falls, IA 50126 641-648-8580 Email Me Iowa Valley Intermediary Program is the bridge between education and business. We provide work-based learning opportunities for students and educators in the K-12 schools for Hardin, Marshall, Poweshiek and Tama counties. Work-based learning opportunities include (but not limited to) job shadows, work-site tours, financial literacy fairs, teacher externships, career discovery days and mock interviews. We take pride in our relationships with area business partners including local healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and law enforcement to just name a few. Our business partners are a key component to our program’s success.
  • Iowa Western Community College
    Community College: Iowa Western Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Natalie Harris Intermediary Coordinator 712-325-3734 Email Me Jolene French Intermediary Specialist 712-325-3403 Email Me Iowa Western Community College’s intermediary - Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection - helps connect students and educators from school districts in Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Page, Pottawattamie and Shelby counties in Southwest Iowa with area business and industry through work-based learning opportunities. The intermediary works with employers to coordinate classroom speakers, worksite tours, job shadows, career exploration activities, and educator externships and professional development opportunities. These experiences are designed to improve the skills of Iowa’s future workforce and help students align their career goals with their post-secondary decisions.
  • Kirkwood Community College
    Community College: Kirkwood Community College View WebsiteBusiness Volunteer Portal Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Kristine Bullock Email Me Workplace Learning Connection (WLC) connects stakeholders to work-based learning programs and services to promote career awareness, career exploration and high quality career connected learning benefitting middle and high school students, educators and the business community within the Kirkwood Community College service footprint. These work-based learning services and programs include job shadows, internships, teacher professional development and an array of customized and age appropriate career events. Serving over 28,000 student career experiences a year, WLC partners with educators, economic development, business and industry sectors to better inform, prepare and align today’s students with tomorrow’s careers right here in Iowa.
  • North Iowa Area Community College
    Community College: North Iowa Area Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information Gayla Toebe Work-Based Learning Coordinator 641-422-4073 Email Me Jen Knudson Work-Based Learning Teacher Coordinator 515-707-2953 Email Me NIACC Career Connections is a work-based learning program available to help students build career awareness and workplace readiness while cultivating positive relationships between business and education. Our program connects students, educators, and businesses through relevant, work-based learning activities that foster deeper knowledge and understanding of careers and career pathways. We provide opportunities for students and educators to interact with industry professionals and connect today’s students to future careers through high-quality, real-world experiences. This is accomplished through partnering with over 300 businesses in North Iowa to provide job shadows, worksite tours, student internships, educator externships, and other strategic activities. Activities focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), critical infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, advanced manufacturing, healthcare/bioscience, and information technology careers. However, all sixteen career clusters can be explored. NIACC Career Connections will collaborate with you on an idea or facilitate the entire activity for you!
  • Northeast Iowa Community College
    Community College: Northeast Iowa Community College Visit Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Gena Gesing 563-562-3263 ext. 1452 Email Me Stephanie Dennler Recruitment and Work-Based Learning Program Manager 844-642-2338 ext. 1219 Email Me Christa Burgess Email Me College and Career Connection (CCC) connects businesses and high schools by offering relevant, work-based learning activities for students and educators. The program is partially funded through the state of Iowa Regional Work-Based Intermediary Network grant. CCC is available to high school students beginning their freshman year and guides participants through work-based learning experiences following a career continuum of awareness, exploration and workplace preparation. Consideration of high-demand career pathways—healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, business/finance and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)—is highly encouraged. Advantages for CCC students include: - One-on-one meetings with a career coach regarding future education and career plans - Job shadowing opportunities - Exclusive work-based learning events such as business tours CCC partners with a variety of entities to ensure students have a wide range of opportunities to assist them in planning for their futures. Partners of CCC include: local NE Iowa school districts, business and industry, Keystone AEA, the Iowa Intermediary Network, the Iowa Department of Education, local chambers of commerce, local economic development and numerous community organizations.
  • Northwest Iowa Community College
    Community College: Northwest Iowa Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Allie Mouw LIN Coordinator phone: 712-324-5061 ext. 342 Email Me Northwest Iowa Community College strives to meet the needs of their community. NCC achieves this by attending sector meetings and working closely with the industry and economic developers. The needs that are addressed through these meetings are then broughtto attention at area high schools by the Intermediary Coordinators. Workshops, job shadows, externships and worksite tours hosted by NCC are designed to fit the high demands that are present in the area. One main focus this past year has been manufacturing, so worksite tours have been set up near school districts to tour manufacturing companies within their area. Students are astonished at all of the technology and opportunities that manufacturing has to offer. Many manufacturers have simulators that they utilize for training new employees and allow students to operate these such as welding, CNC, and painting simulators. Without these opportunities available to these students, they never would receive that life-changing exposure.
  • Southeastern Community College
    Community College: Southeastern Community College View Website Facebook Page Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Leanne Krogmeier Work-Based Learning Specialist 319-208-5053 Email Me The Link is part of the Iowa Intermediary Network. We connect businesses, educators and students in order to create opportunities for career exploration via work-based learning activities. We work with all K-12 districts in the SE Iowa Region – these include Burlington, Central Lee, Danville, Fort Madison, Keokuk, Mediapolis, Mount Pleasant, New London, WACO, Wapello, West Burlington and Winfield-Mt. Union
  • Southwestern Community College
    Community College: Southwestern Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Ann Schlapia 641-782-1573 Email Me The Workplace Learning Network provides work-based learning opportunities to Region 14 School Districts through appropriated Legislative funds. The Network prepares students for the workforce by connecting them with business and education, offering relevant exploration to develop educational and career goals.
  • Western Iowa Tech Community College
    Community College: Western Iowa Tech Community College View Website Submit Contact Form Coordinator Name(s) and Contact Information: Tina Benton Career and Industry Specialist 712-274-8733 x 1601 Email Me The Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) Intermediary Network initiates and advances collaborations between schools and businesses to increase work-based learning opportunities. These opportunities are created through job shadows, internships, worksite tours and classroom speakers. The goal of these opportunities is to assist students in career exploration around Siouxland so ultimately the students will make informed decisions about their post-secondary education. Early connections with students develops relationships and promotes a talent pipeline for our future workforce.
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