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Don’t you wish you had a career simulator helping you practice for your future like flight simulators help pilots practice flying? Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance how you might like a career in law enforcement compared to a career in social work?


Providing a career simulator is what the coordinators of the Iowa Intermediary Network do.


Your area coordinator of the Iowa Intermediary Network (IIN) provides diverse experiences students can use to evaluate choices and reach better informed decisions. Experiences can involve multiple career pathways, or can involve multiple perspectives on a single industry, as it did when students interested in aviation learned from an airline pilot, an air traffic control professional, a pilot in agriculture, and an aircraft mechanic. Not sure if you want a degree in engineering or to work in construction? Not a problem. By working with schools and industry, IIN coordinators will help you explore what a career in each would be like.


From ag to fine arts to health sciences, IIN coordinators can assist in making the necessary connections for valuable career experiences!


Make Your Mark by getting in touch with your coordinator. Visit our contact page, type in your zip code, and you’ll instantly have your regional coordinator’s phone number and email address; your ticket to great experiences and a more rewarding future.   


UnityPoint Health

Forty students from ten regional high schools spent the day in a Scrubs Camp hosted by UnityPoint Health in Sioux City, IA. They were able to interact with department staff, ask questions, and have some hands-on experience in ten different patient-focused departments such as Emergency, Surgery, Radiology, and Infusion. Students were able to gain a better understanding of the various careers available to them through this exploration.

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