Welding: Forge Your Future

Ignite your creativity and discover a rewarding and high wage career in welding.

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Program Details:

Event Components:

This prerecorded event details the education & training required to obtain a career as a welder, as well as exploring different opportunities available within the industry.

Service Area:

Applied Sciences


Iowa Students

State Standards Covered:

  • Welding 7.4 - Understand the ways in which emerging welding systems may be integrated into current manufacturing processes.

  • Welding 9.3 - Know how scheduling, quality control, accident prevention, and inventory control are used efficiently and appropriately  in a welding production management system.

For Educators & Students

Pre-Event Questions to Consider

  • How many different styles of welding are there?

  • What are some considerations when choosing a career as a welder?

Post-Event Questions to Consider

  • How has technology changed the works of blacksmiths and welders?

  • What is the job outlook for welders?

  • What education/training is necessary for this career?

  • What can a student interested in this career do while still in high school to prepare for this career?