The Importance of Play in Student Learning & Development

Viewers will have the opportunity to learn how center-play is essential to early childhood education. The event will cover family and consumer science standards 1.1, 2.2 and 13.0.

If you cannot make the Live Event use the registration button below to sign up to receive a recording. This recording will be available one week after the event.

Event Date & Time:

November 4, 2020

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Service Area:

Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Services


Early Childhood Classes

State Standards Covered:

  • 1.1 Analyze career paths within human service industries. (related to education)

  • 2.2 Demonstrate transferable knowledge, attitudes, and technical and employability skills in school, community and workplace settings..

  • 13.0 Integrate knowledge, skills, and practices required for careers in early childhood, education, and services.


  • Pre-Recorded:

  • Video of a Center (when no children are present), one at a daycare and one at a preschool (held in a public school)

  • Teacher/Employee will record the video or voiceover images of the center, identifying name of center, purpose for learning, and why children enjoy it.

  • Play Videos followed by short discussion from educator or administrator at location

  • Students could be challenged to create a similar center or develop their own using some of the skills/purposes/content learned in the session in conjunction with content learned in the classroom.

Possible Assessment Used:

FCS Educators: Use the curriculum from The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences- Principles of Education and Training.

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