Small Business Entrepreneurship Panel

Join small business owners from across the state to learn the essential components of successful entrepreneurship in Iowa. Topics covered in this event will cover business standards 3.1, 6.1 and 12.3.

If you cannot make the Live Event use the registration button below to sign up to receive a recording. This recording will be available one week after the event.

Event Date & Time:

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

10 am - 10:30 am

Service Area:



Business Classes

Most likely, but not limited to: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Introduction to Business

State Standards Covered:

  • 3.1 Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company image

  • 6.1 Describe fundamental entrepreneurship factors.

  • 12.3 Participate in career planning to enhance job-success potential.

Questions Covered by Panelists:

  1. How do you provide a customer-focused business?

  2. What are some of the methods used to ensure customers return to your business?

  3. How does your organization communicate with a diverse group of clients?

  4. What  are some success factors for your business (or entrepreneurs in general)?

  5. How did you start your business? (opportunity)

  6. What past experiences enabled success for you today?

Example Assessment:

Written reflection or video reflection on the content discovered answering the following questions.

  1. Compare two of the businesses represented on the panel on each of the questions posted below.

  2. How did the two businesses differ in how they started?

  3. What are the keys to their success?

  4. What prior experiences have aided in the success of their business?

  5. What processes do they use to keep customers returning to their businesses? Explain how the strategies the businesses used were effective in building positive relationships with customers.

  6. If you were hired to advance their organization, what would you suggest they change to improve the viability or expansion of the business? (This would be a great follow-up conversation as a class.)

Example Assessment Extension:

Identify one of the businesses in the panel and provide support for your argument on the following items.

  1. Would it make sense for this business to locate in your small town? Why or why not?

  2. If it would make sense for the business to locate in your small town, identify the following in your argument.

  3. Would you recommend the business provide another location in your small town, or suggest the business develop a franchise to then allow applicants to invest in a local franchise? Demonstrate your understanding of the logistical components a business must evaluate when adding a location versus key components of a franchise in your supportive argument statements.

  4. Would the products/services remain the same or need to alter slightly? Provide evidence for your explanation.

  5. Where should the business be located in your small town? Is there a current business front that could be refurbished or would the costs for new construction make sense?

  6. Who would be the target market for the products/services? Identify four key descriptive characteristics.

  7. If it would not make sense for the business to locate in your town, identify the following in your argument.

  8. Why does the current location for the business make sense versus in your town? Provide 2-3 substantive arguments to support your opinion.

  9. Assess your current town and what businesses and products/services are provided locally? Identify each business along with the products/services provided.

  10. What businesses outside of your community do many residents seek out? What is the distance for that business offering the product/services? Would it make sense for a business to offer the products/services residents seek in other communities within your town?

  11. In the last question, identify the target market for the sought out products/services to determine if your community could support one of those businesses locally.

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