Preserving Iowa’s Land and Natural Resources

Explore the broad variety of careers available at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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Program Details:

Event Components:

This prerecorded event takes a dive into the different careers available within the Iowa DNR. Discover the education & training required to land the job, as well as what a day in the life of a wildlife researcher entails.

Service Area:

Natural Resources


Iowa Students

State Standards Covered:

  • CS.04.01.01.a - Define stewardship of natural resources and distinguish how it connects to AFNR systems.

  • CS.04.02.01.b - Analyze natural resources trends and technologies and explain how they impact AFNR systems (e.g., climate change, green technologies, water resources, etc.).

For Educators & Students:

Pre-Event Questions to Consider

  • What does it mean by being good stewards of natural resources and how does it connect to the AFNR system?

  • What is the difference between a conservationist and a naturalist?

  • What technologies are used to manage natural resource systems across the state?

  • What education is required in becoming an officer? (Conservation and Natural Resources)

  • What does a typical day look like?

  • What are the different departments within the Department of Natural Resources?

  • What types of classes could students take if they are interested in this career field?

Post-Event Questions to Consider

  • Which career pathway sounds most interesting to you?

  • What does your area offer for conservation opportunities?

  • What steps can you take to become more aware of your local environment and its preservation?

  • How can you make an impact in your community?