Growth Opportunities Within Iowa Businesses

Learn about large businesses in Iowa that allow for ample internal career advancements. This event will cover business standards 3.1, 3.3, 12.3 and 12.5.

If you cannot make the Live Event use the registration button below to sign up to receive a recording. This recording will be available one week after the event.

Event Date & Time:

November 12, 2020

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Service Area:



High School Students

State Standards Covered:

  • 3.1 Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company image

  • 3.3 Reinforce company’s image to exhibit the company’s brand promise.

  • 12.3 Participate in career planning to enhance job-success potential.

  • 12.5 Utilize career advancement activities to enhance professional development.

Example Assessments:

2-Part Project

Part 1: Organizational Image

After listening to the panelists discuss key business decisions, demonstrate your understanding through a written essay, presentation, or video reflection covering these key topics:

  • What is the value of providing a customer-focused business? Identify 2-3 policies or procedures identified by the panelists that are essential to ensuring a profit while still providing positive customer service.

  • Focus on one of the businesses from the presentation to describe how their brand name delivered on the promise to customers. How were components such as their trademark, location, or building design provide consistency for customers with a positive image of their business and product or service?

Part 2: Career Planning and Advancement

Utilize the content presented by the panelists along with the resources from the career pathways to research a career pathway and career advancement opportunities.

  • Within one of the career pathways that interests you, identify four different levels of progression. With each of those careers, generate a chart identifying the key components listed below.

  • Career title, responsibilities, pay range, education/training required

  • Provide each of the above for the progression of advancement in that career path for a total of four careers.

  • The panel discussed expectations for employees and desired employee education and training. Connect what you heard to the components below.

  • List 4-5 expectations the employers have for their employees

  • What additional education or training was identified by the panelists or provided in the career pathway research will you pursue? Providing a supporting statement on why that additional education or training would be valuable.

Questions Panelists will Cover:

  1. What are the various career opportunities within your business?

  2. What are your expectations for employees?

  3. In your opinion, what interests and skills have enabled you to develop a successful business?

  4. What are advancement opportunities within your business?

  5. Do you encourage your employees to pursue additional education and training? If so, what do you prefer they pursue?

  6. How do you provide a customer-focused business?

  7. What types of customer service policies and procedures help your business earn a profit while still supporting customers in a positive way (example: return policies)?

  8. What image do you try to portray through your brand name?

  9. How did you choose which products/services to include for your customers?

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