Getting the Job: 101

Build your confidence in securing a job by becoming the #1 candidate.

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Program Details:

Event Components:

This prerecorded event highlights tips and tricks of standing out to become the #1 candidate during the job application and interview process.

Service Area:

All Areas


Iowa Students

State Standards Covered:

  • ES.4 -  Demonstrate initiative and self–direction through high achievement and lifelong learning while exploring the ways individual talents and skills can be used for productive outcomes in personal and professional life

For Educators & Students:

Pre-Event Questions to Consider

  • If you were an employer/boss, what qualities would you be looking for in candidates for jobs?

  • What things make you nervous about the job hunt process?

Post-Event Questions to Consider

  • What can candidates do to stand out?

  • What are two things that you think you excel at that would help you get the job? What are two things you need to work on to be a better job candidate?