Food for Your Food

A look inside nutrition for the livestock industry.

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Program Details:

Event Components:

This prerecorded event explores the nutritional needs of animals in the livestock industry. Discover careers available in the field, as well as technology used on the job.

Service Area:



Iowa Students

State Standards Covered:

  • AS.03.01.01.a - Differentiate between nutritional needs of animal species.

  • AS.03.03.03.b - Analyze technologies used to provide animal nutrition and summarize their potential benefits and consequences.

For Educators & Students:

Pre-Event Questions to Consider

  • Why is there a need for animal nutritionists?

  • How do you develop a plan for ensuring proper nutrition?

  • What advice do you provide to potential farmers who are looking for nutritional products that will advance their production/health (dairy, growth of animal, reproduction, quality of meat)?

  • What are the different types of feed?

  • What are the benefits of the various feeding options?

  • What is the cost consideration for farmers?

  • What is the career outlook? Education?

Post-Event Questions to Consider

  • What feeding option would best serve your farm or nutritional needs for livestock?

  • How do you see the advancement in the future of animal nutrition?