Beyond the Green Screen

From conceptualization to creative, dive into the process of engineering within media production.

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Program Details:

Event Components:

This prerecorded event dives into the creative process of media creation and takes a look into the steps of going from idea to reality.

Service Area:

Information Technology


Iowa Students

State Standards Covered:

  • IT 8-3.5 - Identify and apply the design process.

  • Engineering & Design - 5 - Students understand the design process and how to solve analysis and design problems.

For Educators & Students:

Pre-Event Questions to Consider

  • Can you provide an example of a media production that you have developed and take us through the steps in the design process?

  • What type of education or degree programs best fit within the career pathway?

  • Is there a design software that is widely recognized in the industry, if so what is it?

  • Are there any reputable programs that are free or inexpensive to get as a student?

  • What pieces of advice would you provide a student who has creative aspirations?

  • Are there typical problems that occur when taking from the storyboard to production?

Post-Event Questions to Consider

  • Describe or identify steps in the design process?

  • What are some considerations you need to take when in production?

  • What is one thing that you learned about the design/production process?