Agricultural NOW (Virtual Panel)

Panel experts share forecasts for agriculture industry outlooks in Iowa and abroad. The panel will cover agriculture standards ABS.05.01, CS.01.02 and CS.01.01.

If you cannot make the Live Event use the registration button below to sign up to receive a recording. This recording will be available one week after the event.

Event Date & Time:

November 11, 2020

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Service Area:



9-12th Grade Agriculture Students

State Standards Covered:

  • ABS.05.01 Analyze the role of markets, trade, competition and price in relation to an AFNR business sales and marketing sales

  • CS.01.02 Examine technologies and analyze their impact on AFNR systems

  • CS.01.01 Research, examine, and discuss issues and trends that impact AFNR systems on local, state, national and global levels.

Example Assessments:

Two optional example assessments:

  1. Students will create a short (3-5 fictitious or live tweets) twitter feed to summarize their takeaways from the panel discussion. #AgricultureNOW

  2. Students create an artifact of instructors choosing to demonstrate 3 things that made an impact on them.

Questions for the Panel:

  1. Introduction including: title, company, and products/services offered.

  2. How has your organization adjusted in the past (and projecting forward) to meet the changing needs of agriculture?

  3. Biggest shift you see coming to how business is conducted day-to-day?

  4. What effects will international trade have on your company?

  5. What skills would you recommend students arriving to your place of work with?

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