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Share the excitement of your company and your industry with local students and educators through the Iowa Intermediary Network. Ignite imaginations while being protected from liability and receiving  professional guidance for both you and the student. You might introduce your company to a future employee, and you are sure to strengthen local economic development by showing students they can work close to home and still have a fulfilling career.


It doesn’t have to be a big commitment. Work-based learning opportunities can be as short and easy as speaking to students in a classroom setting.  More extensive experiences include job shadows, worksite tours, student internships, educator externships, and other enhanced learning activities.


Make Your Mark by getting in touch with your area work-based learning coordinator. It’s easy. Just visit our contact page, type in your zip code, and you’ll instantly have your regional coordinator’s phone number and email address. 

Sebastian Loria,

City High School

"I originally signed up for this program because my mom brought it to my attention and gently nudged me towards signing up for it. I thought I would be treated the way interns are treated on TV shows, doing tedious chores that the workers just laid on the eager interns, but what I got was so much more. I found a job where I learned things, within minutes of my first time there, where I can independently do things that I wouldn't even have the faintest clue about a month prior, and all under the kind and humorous tutelage of an understanding mentor. Taking part in this internship has changed the way I view professional careers and what they can be and I'm honored to be a part of it all."

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